What Does Your Go-To Beer Order Say About You?

In honour of International Beer Day, the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies have put together a list of beer recommendations based on your drinking style!

It’s no secret that we at the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies love drinking beer (hello, it’s right in our name!) but we also love challenging stereotypes including what your average ‘beer drinker’ likes. Our events bring women together to try all sorts of brews whether they’re beer newbies or have been slingin’ suds for years.  In honour of International Beer Day, we’ve got got some recommendations based on your drinking style:

If you… like to keep things classic

Go for a clean lager or an amber ale. These are the forgotten faves that most craft breweries make but don’t always get the spotlight. Easy drinking brews like this are more malt-forward (think caramel & bread-like flavours) and less bitter.

If you… are into bold flavours

India Pale Ales are known for complexity and a bit of bitterness, which ranges depending on style. Most East Coast IPAs are salty or piney while West Coast brings in fruity flavours. It’s all a matter of taste—try a bunch to find the right one for you!

If you… have high brow tastes

Beer sometimes gets a bad rap as a low-brow beverage, but there are lots of brews out there perfect for your next special occasion. Instead of popping a bottle of bubbly, why not toast with something barrel aged?  Or if you’re into that Champagne-like effervescence look for bottle conditioned brews, known for their fine bubbles.

If you… want to sip something refreshing

Whether you’re poolside or just wishing you were, wheat beers are a summer staple, with a sweeter taste and flavors of banana, clove, orange or bubblegum. Or, a Pilsner is a great thirst quencher and the perfect pairing to cut through the richness of tasty backyard BBQ.

If you… feel a little adventurous 

Sour Ales are the up-and-comers of the beer scene and we are loving these unique funky brews. Why not try a kettle sour with a dry, tart finish? Some breweries will even change up recipes with different fruit additions meaning tons of possibilities to sample. Want something even funkier?  Give lambics a shot! Grab a Flanders Red Ale, known for their wine-like qualities.

If you… have a sweet tooth

Big dessert fan?  Rest assured there’s a beer for you! Porters and Stouts are less hoppy (read: low bitterness, if any!) and their malts naturally bring out chocolate, roasty or coffee flavours.  Milkshake IPAs are also all the rage.  Now if you’re picturing a milkshake consistency, don’t fret—it’s just added lactose or milk sugar which sweeten the beer and adds creaminess.

If you… are not a beer fan

We get it—you’ve tried beer and it just wasn’t for you. But trust us, there are so many styles out there we’re willing to bet a round or two that there’s a beer for everyone!  Try starting with brews with a low IBU (International Bittering Units , aka the measurement of bitterness in beer) and work your way up. A sour with a complementary fruit like mango, pineapple or pear also makes for a great intro beer. Even exploring the realm of saison ales, you might find your match. Saisons are a versatile style, lighter in body and bitterness with a little sweetness, a touch of spice and a dry finish that’s comparable to a wine!

Regardless, the best beer is a beer you love to drink, even better if it’s shared with a few pals!  Stay open to new brews and over time you’ll develop your beer palate and get a real sense of your own tastes. Check out the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies’ website, or follow our adventures on social @ladiesdrinkbeer! Cheers!


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