Dr. Joey's Quick Weight Loss Tips After A Summer Of Indulgence

Was summer good to you? Maybe a little too good? Dr. Joey shares her quick tips to keep in mind while finding your rhythm again.


I am a perfect eater. I never ever emotionally eat or over eat. In fact, I am a nutritional saint who is not tempted by any food group….ever. NOT. Come on, let’s be real for a moment shall we? Everyone – even nutritionists fall off the health wagon at times. With this beautiful summer weather we have been having – I have heard from so many who are indulging a little too much with food or drink.

The key here is indulge, enjoy and then….yes, you must get back on the health wagon. If your treats and indulgences turn into continual eating patterns well then we have a bit of fixing to do. Why? Because it just won’t make you feel good. And, healthy eating tastes SO good and becomes a nutritional habit you literally will not want to give it up. So in short –follow the 80-20 rule as best as you can (80 percent eating healthy, 20 percent some treats).

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