Jillian Michaels Debunks 3 Common Workout Myths

Renowned fitness guru and super mom, Jillian Michaels, breaks down the truth about the 3 common workout myths you need to STOP believing right now if you want to reach your full fitness potential!

Nothing’s worse than spending hours at the gym and seeing no results… Fitness expert, Jillian Michaels, is here with Cityline to save your workout routine, debunking the 3 fitness misconceptions that may be doing more harm than good!

Myth #1: Cardio Is Better Than Weight Training

The truth: While steady state cardio may be great for a little extra calorie burn on your off days, Michaels confirms that pure cardio is “actually the least effective thing you can do in the gym”. If you want to start seeing results, resistance and high intensity training are much more effective overall, burning more calories during, and even after your workout. Not to mention, the way these workouts affect your biochemistry are much better for anti-ageing, maintaining bone density, and boosting your metabolism and your immune system.

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Myth #2: Avoid Eating Before You Workout

The truth: Although you shouldn’t eat immediately before your workout to avoid feeling sick and awful stomach cramps, you definitely shouldn’t head to the gym on an empty stomach. Eating some point earlier in the day is absolutely necessary, as you need the blood sugar in your diet. This way, you’ll have the energy you need to train harder, get fit faster, and burn more calories. Not to mention, working out without a proper diet can breakdown muscle tissues rather than building them.

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Myth #3: Squats Are Bad For Your Knees

The truth: Squats are truly one of the best workouts overall for muscle maintenance, building core strength, and improving your overall functionality. According to Michaels,the key is to “educate yourself on proper form”, and avoid overworking yourself. That way, you can prevent injuries while building up your glutes, giving your knees the support and strength they need!

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