September Swag Bag—Everything You Need To Know To Win Big

It’s our September Swag Bag! Watch EVERY DAY—you could win huge prizing from that show and the whole week. Here's how to play.

Our September Swag Bag giveaway begins Monday September 9 and runs until September 13!

  • Watch Cityline everyday of our September Swag Bag and pay close attention to the episode.
  • Go to our website and enter the “Daily Prize” form to win the day’s prizing that the in-studio audience took home!
  • At the end of the week, enter a special trivia question to win all the prizing from the entire week!

You could walk away with thousands of dollars worth of fabulous prizing! All you have to do is play. Click on each image *below* to be taken to each entry page starting September 9.

Be sure to follow Cityline on social to keep up to date with the latest!

Facebook: @Cityline
Twitter: @Cityline
Instagram: @Cityline

Read Cityline’s giveaway rules and regulations here.

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