Sarah Gunn's DIY AC unit cover

Designer Sarah Gunn shows you how to build your own DIY AC unit cover—perfect for rentals or people looking for temporary design.

4 pieces of 2×2 inch boards for posts
several pieces of 1×3 and 1×1 boards
wood glue
finishing nails
one inch spacers

How To:
1. Cut the three 2×2 posts to the right height. We did ours a few inches taller than the air conditioner.

2. Cut the horizontal boards to size for the front of the screen.

3. Build the front side of the screen. It is easiest to do this while laying it on a flat surface. Place the top horizontal board on the two posts. Each post should be set in about one inch (the depth of the horizontal boards) from each end of the horizontal board. Apply wood glue and nail in place.

4. Place the next horizontal board under the first, using the one inch spacers on either end. Glue and nail in place. Repeat with remaining boards.

5. To build the sides, stand the front of the screen vertically, with the top touching the floor. Glue and nail the first board in place (it will be set on the floor) attaching it to the 2×2 post. Then attach the other end of it to one of the other 2×2 posts. Using the spacers, build it from the bottom up, glueing and nailing each board in place. Repeat these steps on the other side.

6. Paint with exterior paint.

Tip: Make sure the screen does not touch the air conditioner. Leave space for airflow.

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