HOW TO: Adorable DIY paper advent calendars

Forget stale milk chocolate—Christian Dare is sharing 3 adorable DIY advent calendars to make the holidays extra special this year.

Hanging Village: Houses + Trees

Shopping List

• Card Stock Weight paper in a variety of colours
• Bakers Twine (for hanging)
• Peel and Stick Vinyl Numbers (your choice of colour)

• Glue Stick
• Scissors
• X-Acto Knife
• Printer
• Tape

1. I suggest doing an online search for 3D paper houses and trees. Pick the ones you like and the degree of difficulty you are comfortable. Most are easily to assemble – it just depends on how much cutting you want to do.
2. Print out the houses on your paper via printer. It will be one house/or tree per page.
3. Cut out along the solid lines.
4. Fold along the dotted lines.
5. Assemble with glue (and or tape).
6. Add numbers.
7. String with bakers twine.
8. Hang up.
9. Now I added in little messages in each – with either clues to find where the ‘gift’ is hidden or well wishes for the season.


Paper Forest Advent

Shopping List
• Card Stock Weight paper in a variety of shades of green or Origami Paper (6×6” or 8×8”)
• Small paper cups – condiment cups or disposable shot glasses
• Glue Dots
• Vinyl Numbers

• Scissors
• X-Acto Knife

1. I suggest doing an online search for how to origami trees. I followed their instructions to make the trees
2. If you are working with traditional origami paper you are good to do – card stock, you can fold it over to create an exact square sheet of paper – 8”x8”. Trim off extra paper.
3. Now with your square paper follow the origami folding instructions.
4. Add glue dots within the inside folds of the trees – this will keep them more compact and tree-like as the paper likes to spread out.
5. If you are using paper condiment cups, you can spray paint them. I liked the bright red of the shot cups for the holidays.
6. Add vinyl numbers to the cups.
7. Add in your treats or small gifts into the cups.
8. Arrange your forest.


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