Dr. Jen Gunter: "Pineapple is not going to change the way your vagina smells or tastes."

She's been called Twitter's gynecologist and even gone head-to-head with the vagina advice doled out by Gwenyth Paltrow's Goop website.

Does eating pineapple make your vagina taste better?
Okay, what about pineapple and the vagina? If you eat a lot of pineapple is it gonna change the way your vagina smells and tastes? First of all, there’s nothing wrong with how a vagina smells and tastes so that myth is kind of hopelessly patriarchal. But no, if you eat a lot of pineapple it’s not going to change the way anything smells or tastes. Just think about it, does it change the way you sweat? Does it change how your armpits smell? No. We know that none of that’s going to get into the vagina, it’s not going to change anything if you like pineapple, eat it, if you don’t, don’t. But if anybody tells you to do that then what they’re actually saying is, is your vagina isn’t okay, and you know what? It’s perfect.

Do women really have a G-spot?
What about the G-spot? Is that a myth, is that truth? Well, there is a very sensitive area for many women on what we call the anterior front wall of the vagina, kinda right underneath the urethra. However, common sort of social media and the way people talk about the G-spot has lead people to believe that it’s kind of like this one specific spot that if you touch right here it’s going to drive women wild. What it actually is, is the clitoris is a really large structure that goes underneath the skin and it gets very close to the urethra, the tube that you pee out of. And for some women, that erectile tissue of the clitoris around the urethra is very sensitive and can help with orgasm. For some people it isn’t so you know, if it makes you feel good to be touched there, great, but the clitoris is really large so there may be other areas that feel good too. So, that’s why sex-ploration is a good idea. But, instead of calling it the G-spot, the sex therapists friends— friend of mine, like to call it the “come here spot.” And so, it kinda gives you an idea that maybe you should explore the area as oppose to kind of focusing on one specific spot.

Does aggressive masturbation makes it harder to cum during sex?
Does over aggressive masturbation for women, lead to decrease clitoral sensitivity and decrease orgasm during sex? Now, who do you think that myth benefits, cause it doesn’t benefit women. And, do we say that to men? Do we say that over aggressive masturbation for men, is that going to affect their ability to have sex? No. There’s absolutely no truth to that, it’s a myth. Do what feels good for you and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Obviously, if what you’re doing is painful, then you might wanna stop, but that would be the same thing for both women and men.

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