The 3 Common Meditation Myths You'll Be Shocked Aren't True

Make mindfulness part of your self-care routine by taking the fear out of trying meditation.

Eating well is one form of self-care, and mindfulness is another. One way to practice mindfulness is to meditate – but there are many myths about the practice of meditation that you likely don’t know.

MYTH 1: You should be good at it.
No, you are supposed to suck at it. It’s okay for thoughts to come and go. The point of meditation is to notice your thoughts, not to control them. You’re practicing how to respond to your thoughts. It’s supposed to be hard, and you’re supposed to suck at it.

MYTH 2: It has to be quiet.
You don’t need to just quietly breathe. Have you ever gone for a run and you’re listening to music and you lose track of time? Or get so in flow with the music during a concert that you don’t notice the time passing? That’s meditation! You’re at one with the things around you.

MYTH 3: You must sit still.
You can meditate while going for a walk in nature. Noticing the calls of birds. Connecting to something bigger than yourself. Letting your breath naturally slow down.

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I watched your exercises eagerly but wondered if there was a different way of exercising the shoulders without getting down on your knees behind the ball in the last exercise. Seniors find this difficult but would probably benefit from this movement.

October 14, 2019 at 9:31 am

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