Jar of Eyeballs Candle

This creepy candle will definitely set the spooky scene at any Halloween party!

Shopping List

  • Eyeball candles you made (instructions above)
  • Wicks
  • Jelly Wax
  • Heat Safe Clear jar


  • Old Glass Jar and Cooking Pot
  • Wooden stir stick (that you can toss afterwards)
  • Scissors
  • Safety gloves/Oven mitts


  1. First step is to melt the jelly wax. Add your jelly wax into an old glass jar. Place the jar in your small cooking pot with water. You are going to heat up the water, which will melt the wax without burning it. Stir until the wax is completely smooth.
    NOTE: The jar of wax will be hot – use oven mitts or heat resistant gloves when handling it.
  2. Place a few of your ‘eyeballs’ into your jar.
  3. Add a wick to the center of the jar.
  4. Using your gloves to protect your hands, slowly pour your melted jelly wax into the jar. Fill up until you cover the eyeballs.
  5. You can add more eyeballs if you do this step in layers. Add some eyeballs – fill up to the top of them will jelly wax. Let it cool and do the same step again.
  6. Let set for several hours to cool.
  7. Trim wick to 1.5”
    NOTE: Make sure you burn your candle on heat safe surface, as the jar might get hot. Never leave a candle burning unattended