2 Days Left: Take Your Turkey Out Of The Freezer

Chef Randy Feltis is solving your three most common Christmas dinner turkey dilemmas (Dec. 23)

The big day is almost here! With Santa’s impending arrival – it’s time to start thinking about a critical part of Christmas Day. THE TURKEY!

Whether it’s your first time tackling Christmas dinner or you’re a seasoned pro (no pun intended), we’re here to ensure your dinner doesn’t end in disaster. Step 1? Remembering to take your turkey out of the freezer – which should be done today.

Once you’ve let your turkey thaw and are ready to begin cooking – Chef Randy Feltis is here to remedy three unforeseen dilemmas you may be encountering.

It’s Christmas morning and my turkey is still frozen. What do I do?

Run it under cold water, crank your oven up at 500 degrees for the first 30 minutes to an hour, and then drop the oven’s temperature to the proper heat level for cooking.

Uh oh. I don’t have enough oven space for my turkey. Are there other ways to cook it?

Deep fry your bird, or throw it on the smoker! (Read Randy’s recipe in the gallery below for a scrumptious deep fried turkey).

My turkey is too dry. HELP! 

Steam your turkey, or thin out your gravy and pour it on top!

Bon Appetit!

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Chef Randy Feltis’ Bacon Weave Turkey

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