How To Pick The Right White For Your Home

The right shade of white can take you from classic to contemporary and everything in between. Here's how to decide.

Benjamin Moore expert Sharon Grech explains how you can find the right white for your home. There are many different types of white that can be used to elevate your space. When it comes to white, there is no one size fits all colour. There are many things you should consider when it comes to picking the proper white paint for your home!

One important aspect when it comes to picking a white is to consider the light in your space. Below you can see how the same shade of white can change drastically depending on the lighting conditions and time of day.

Different whites portray different feelings. These can be attributed to the pigments in the colour.  Cool whites have darker pigments. Examples of these are; Paper White, Ice Mist and Chalk White. These are good accents with cooler furniture and offer a clean classic look. Below is an example of Paper White:

Warm whites have more of  a yellow or a red pigment. Examples of these are; White Down, Cloud White and Mascarpone. These work well playing together off of warm textiles in your room. Warmer whites help accent these fabrics. Below is an example of Cloud White:

Neutral whites are the brightest and look the most “white”. Examples of neutral white are; Chantilly Lace White, Simply White and White Dove. These help emphasize contrast in your room. Below is an example of Chantilly Lace:

Before choosing the perfect white for you, consider these tips on what will work best in your space.

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