Building An Outdoor Rink Is Probably Easier Than You Think

If you live in a city with 4 months of snow fall, your best bet is to find outdoor activities the whole fam can do together.

Follow these instructions to build a fun outdoor ice rink the whole family can enjoy.


  1. First find a flat area for your rink. If there is snow on the ground shovel it out of the way. You should not have more than a 6 degree slope from one end to the other.
  2. Layout and attach your boards. You are going to want somewhere between 4-10 inches of ice so make sure you have boards that can accommodate.
  3. Fasten the boards together to create the frame of the rink.
  4. Put support steaks into the ground around the frame. As water freezes it will expand putting pressure on the frame. The steaks will help hold everything into place.
  5. Now that the frame is secured place a full seamless white tarp inside the frame. Make sure the tarp is big enough to wrap around the outside of the frame.
  6. A white tarp is key as it won’t absorb much light and heat.
  7. Push the tarp into the edges and over the top of your frame.
  8. Secure the tarp to the frame around the top and outside of the frame. Make sure you don’t puncture the top or it won’t hold any water.
  9. Now you are ready to add water!
  10. Pay close attention to the weather, you will need consecutive cold days to get a solid freeze.
  11. Fill the frame with cold water, I would recommend a slow steady process, fill with 2-3 inches and let it freeze. Repeat until you get your desired thickness.
  12. Once the ice is fully frozen it is ready for skating! Make sure you clean after every use and apply a thin layer of hot water to keep the ice smooth.
  13. Make sure to clean snow off as soon as possible as it will insulate the ice and could soften the surface.

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