A Chef's Review Of The Top Name Brand Cooking Pans

Will the most expensive pan be the best?

Chef Randy Feltis joined us to test different types of non-stick frying pans to see which one offers the best value! We tested them by frying an egg in the pan with no oil to see whether or not it would stick. We put 5 pans to the test, ranging from $1-$120. Remember, the heavier the pan, the better. And caring for your pan is essential. You don’t wanna use anything metal against your non-stick pan such as a spatula or a whisk. Clean with a soft sponge, nothing abrasive, and store them with paper towels in-between so you don’t scratch them.

Dollar Store Pan: ($4.00)
Egg got really stuck!

Gotham Steel Frying Pan ($26.99)
Steel handles are good for putting food into the oven. No egg was stuck to the pan!

T-Fal Heatmaster Frying Pan: ($33.32)
High edge makes it harder to manipulate your food. No egg was stuck to the frying pan!

The Rock Frying Pan ($59.99)
Some egg got stuck to this pan.

All clad stainless steel 3 ply frying pan ($119.00)
A small amount of egg got stuck to this pan!

The Winner: The Gotham Steel Frying Pan ended up being the best one, with no egg getting stuck and the low edge makes it an all around great pan and a great value!



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