4 Shapewear Solutions To Wear With Your Trickiest Outfits

From high slits to strapless jumpsuits — we scoured the stores to find the best shapewear picks for your trickiest styles.

Not only are there are lots of different shapewear brands, there are also lots of different shapewear styles! Shapewear comes in many different styles in order to fit whatever outfit you are wearing.

If you are wearing something strapless, Wacol offers a shapewear that come in a one piece to give you support and smooth you out. The rubber on the inside helps it stay up while still appearing smooth on the outside.

Shapewear can be used to help avoid pantylines as well while also giving a nice little lift to the booty.

If you are sporting a plunging neckline, there is a shapewear for you too. Spanx has shapewear that has a deep v while also giving you support allows that plunge while still giving you all the support and benefits of a good shapewear.

Don’t be afraid to step out in a dress with a high slit because there is a shapewear for that. Skims features a shapewear with one leg cut out which allows you be bold with a bit of support!

No matter where you’re going, what you’re doing or what you’re wearing, there is always a shapewear to support you!