The 6 Shopping Categories that You'll Want to Cash In On

The hottest sales on household items to look out for this Spring!

General tips:

Just because an item looks marked down, don’t assume you’re getting a bargain. Do online comparisons to price compare and make smart choices. Think about how you are paying for an item. It’s no longer a bargain if you charge it and allow the interest to creep up. A lot of discounts may happen in-store rather then online (appliances) so look at both options. Some sites offer additional discounts or shipping promotions when you sign up your email.


  1. Travel

Thanks to the return of warmer temps (and more travel), luggage sales start popping up in March and April. Generally travel between in November and March is less expensive, and because many like to plan several months in advance, flights, travel packages, and cruises go on sale. A general rule, the best time to book a trip is 5 months before.



  1. Vacuums

It makes sense these go on sale when spring cleaning is in full swing. Most companies launch new models in June, which is another reason they’re discounted.


  1. Garden Supplies

Gardening supplies go on sale as stores want to draw people in. hold off on outdoor furniture though…that won’t go on sale until closer to summer


Winterizing Your Garden

  1. Athletic Clothes and Shoes

Runners are commonly on sale this time of year since the weather is finally nice enough to get outside and run.

  1. Cookware

Most retailers lower prices because of upcoming spring and summer weddings, and graduations for students moving away. Many couples register for sets of pots and pans and serve ware, so retailers offer them at a great discounts.


  1. Appliances

Appliances go on sale this time of year, especially fridges because new models are released. Watch for the best deals near the end of May when Memorial Day brings on huge sales in the US and companies here in Canada offer many of the same promotions.


  1. Mattresses

They tend to go on sale late in spring with discounts either by a percentage or a dollar value off. Again, because new products start to roll out in June.

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