A Step-By-Step Tutorial For Creating String Art at Home

A DIY at-home art project that's fun for the whole family.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do at home, DIY Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has the perfect art project for you.



1. Cotton string or rope
2. Pre-primes art canvases
3. Testors acrylic craft paint in two colours of your choice
4. Plastic drop cloth
5. Foam art brush
6. 4 push pins
7. Gloves
How To
1. Lay a plastic drop cloth over flat work surface
2. Stick push pins into the four corners on the back of the canvas to raise it off the surface (to allow for paint to drip easily)
3. Cut pieces of cotton string into 12″ lengths (approximately 5-8 pieces per canvas)
4. Pour one colour of acrylic paint into a small container and place all string in the paint to soak, leaving a clean end hanging out of the container
5. Pour a generous amount of the second acrylic paint colour onto the canvas and brush it all over the surface to cover evenly (leave it thick and brush it over all the edges)
6. Take one piece of string out of the paint container, remove any drips or excess, and place it from top to bottom of canvas in a winding pattern
7. Wearing gloves gently press down on the string if needed to push it into the base coat of paint
8. Gently pull the bottom of the string towards you, dragging the string through the base coat of paint.  This will create a beautiful abstract pattern.
9. Repeat dragging fresh pieces of paint coated string along the canvas until you’re happy with your creation, and then use a foam brush to evenly paint the canvas edges and remove any drips
10. To remove any small bubbles, use a toothpick to pop them, or apply heat with a hairdryer or heat gun
11. Allow to dry thorough before hanging

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