A Happiness Expert’s Guide To Positivity Through Life’s Curve Balls

Kathie Donovan is here to help us become positive!

When life throws you curve balls it’s all about staying positive and doing those little things that can change your mood and out look on life drastically.

Acceptance of what is

It is always key to remember that know one has their life together completely and life is all about feeling, whether that be good or bad. The first thing to understand is that we have to accept what is. If we remember the serenity prayer, it ask for the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. The courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. So, when you cant change a situation, it’s important that you accept it. Our ego likes to rail against it, complain about it, be mad at it, and thats one stage. But we have to push through that to acceptance. Because what looks like tough times really is an opportunity for growth. Sometimes rejection can actually be a set up for something much better!

Social media plays a big role in pushing us to pretend that everything is fine, to put that happy face forward. We look at other peoples social media and it may lead you to feel like you are the only person with a problem. When in reality everyone has stuff they are working on. Thats life!

It also may make you feel like there is a quick fix that you don’t know about. But you have to navigate life. Life is about the journey, not the destination. The end of the journey is the end of life so it really is about the journey and what we experience on it. We need to have all of it because growth is about going through it to the other side of it. The positive mind set is when we work through it.

How to Navigate 

It’s very tricky when trying to navigate friends and family who mean so well but often they can add stress to a stressful situation. If you are having a tough time with something we cant control, find a trusted advisor. This could be a therapist, counsellor, religious leader, coach, someone who makes you feel comfortable. You have to navigate this, you can’t take someone else advise because often other peoples advice is what they would do, not what you would do. Only you know what you would do.

Also, you want to rely on your cheer leaders. People who love you no matter whats going on and lean on them. Tell everything to a therapist or trusted advisor and control the narrative with everyone else. Set the environment to feel safe for you. When you control the narrative and have our go to person and cheer leaders, we can relax, be kind, and compassionate towards ourselves.

Important advice to remember

Baby baby steps towards where you want to go and a little bit of exercise to move the energy around and be kind and loving towards yourself.

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