How to determine the proper height for your at-home lights

Light pendants are the hottest light trend of 2020!

Are you confused about the correct height to hang your chandelier or pendants above your dining table or kitchen island?  Is there one correct answer?

Kitchen Island Pendant: 

Typically, pendants should be placed 28 to 34 inches above the countertop of an island, or 72 inches above the floor. When hanging pendants above an island or peninsula is to hang the fixtures high enough so that while standing you are not staring directly into the lights.

Dining Table Pendant: 

The recommended height to hang a pendant above a table is 28 to 32 inches, but the fixture can be hung slightly higher or lower depending on personal preference, fixture size and ceiling height.

Living room/bedroom:

I recommend at least 18 to 24 inches of clearance between the bottom of a fixture and the height of a taller person. While less may do the job, visually it will cause most people to feel the need to duck when walking under the fixture.

Type of light?
Address whether or not the fixture is to provide task or ambient light (or both) and select a fixture that meets the lighting needs of the location. Bulb selection is key (LED samples from Ikea -Lumens, Kelvins, frosted glass, clear glass, vintage filament, dimmer capable, rechargeable, smart bulbs (apps) etc). Ask the lighting experts wherever you buy your bulbs.

Light style trends for 2020 trends:

The trend for 2020 is to choose statement pendants -larger and fewer- for over the island or dining table – flood the countertop with light, rather than create unattractive “spotlights” on the surface.  Put on dimmers to control the light and set the ambiance!

More is more! 

Hanging multiple pendants at random heights above a rectangular table, island or coffee table  can be a very effective choice, not only to properly light the entire table surface, but also for aesthetics.

Coffee table pendant:

Pendants can be hung lower in the center of a room if there is a piece of furniture placed below it, such as a coffee table. This creates a dramatic look that is also functional, with no fear that someone will walk under the fixture and bump their head.

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