4 Affordable Family Friendly Games To Play At Home

These toys are age friendly for your young ones and are fun for the whole family!

During this time of being at home and trying to make things normal for your kids, Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht shares her top four games to play. These games are fun for the whole family.

Silly Faces Games

Everyone is going to begin with a blank face and then the kids will spin the spinner to add different facial features or clothing. There is no reading required as it is all pictures and reusable stickers. The first one to create a silly face is the winner!

Egg Catch

This is perfect for the little ones, its very plush and when you squeeze it, it plays music. While the music is playing you toss the egg to all the players, the one who catches it when the music stops is out. It’s a fun, quick, and easy game with no reading required!


Start by putting on your octopus fingers on and drawing a challenge card. The card will have an image on it and you must stack the cups according to the challenge card with your octopus fingers on! The first person to stack all the cups wins!

Watch Ya’ Mouth

This game is for kids ages 8 and older. You will get cards with sayings on them and you must get your teammate to guess what you are saying before the time runs out. The catch is you have a mouth guard in that will make it harder for people to understand what you are saying! The first team to guess correctly wins the game!


Colorforms Silly Faces Game

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