Egg-Cellent Easter Paper Garland DIY

Get into the Easter spirit with this easy DIY the whole family can partake in.

What you’ll need:


– paper

– cotton balls

– scissors

– tape or glue

– ribbon or twine

– pencil

How To

– Fold a piece of paper in half and draw one side of an egg shape. Cut it out.

– Fold another piece of paper in half and draw one side of a bunny shape. Cut it out.

– Use these to trace bunny and eggs shapes on paper. Cut these out.

– Glue or tape cotton balls onto bunnies.

– Tape the eggs and bunnies onto the ribbon or twine. Hang on your mantle or in front of a mirror.

Note: I used patterned scrapbook paper, but you could use wrapping paper scraps, gift bags, or use paint, washi tape, markers, or crayons to decorate plain white paper.

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