Tassel DIY For Hanging Photo Wall

These tassels make a beautiful accent to many DIY projects!


  • Wool or cotton string or twine – your choice.
  • A small book or piece of wood or cardboard.
  • Scissors.


  1. Begin by winding your string/ wool around your book. I did 100 wraps around the book. NB the length of your tassel with be the same length of the book.
  2. Cut a shorter piece of your matching string – about 8” long. Slide the string behind the wrapped yarn. Pull the string to the top of the book. Now tie two tight knots.
  3. Slide the wrapped string off the book.
  4. Using scissors, cut through the bottom of the loop. You should now begin to see the shape of the tassel.
  5. Cut a piece of your matching yarn or string that is 30” long or so.
  6. Using your fingers, pinch near the top of the string (about ½ down). It will look a bit like a ghost.
  7. Create a loop with your 30” length of string (see video). Now wrap the string around your tassel. This will create the ball or head part of your tassel.
  8. To knot the string, slip it back into the loop and pull both ends. Trim excess.
  9. Tassel complete. Feel free to trim the bottom ends if they are not even.