5 expert steps to cure dry hands at home

We take such great care when it comes to caring for our faces, why not do the same for our hands?

Having a good solid routine to care for your hands is just as important as having a skin care routine for your face. Here’s how to properly care for your hands!


Exfoliating is great for getting all the dry and dead skin off your hands. Exfoliate the back of your hands with an exfoliating scrub. This helps prep your hands for the next step of caring for your dry hands.


You can treat your hands with things you have around the house which you may not realize are really helpful for hands! All of us have those skincare products that we gave up on or we didn’t see results with but we never threw those away. This is the time to go ahead and use those products. For example if you have glycolic acid, put that on the back of your hands as it can also do a light exfoliation and treat the back of your hands. Another great product to put on is collagen serum! Once your treatment product is on your hand – put a cotton or plastic glove on for 10 minutes to add some heat and lock in the treatment.

You could also alternatively try out the Lush Golden Handshake which also works as a treatment!

Nails and Cuticles 

You want to take care of your cuticles because after constant hand washing they will start to get a little dry or flaky. CND Solar Oil comes in a variety of sizes so you can take it with you or leave it at home. It has a light oil blend including vitamin E and sweet almond oil which is really good for your nails. Put a little on your cuticle and then rub it into your nail. It’ll give you some great moisture and protection before moving into the last step of the hand care routine.


When looking for a good cream, look for words like care, thick and favourite. One of my favourite lotions from Lush is Sympathy for the Skin because it has sandalwood and banana. Another great cream is the velvet mitts hand cream from 1’Lux. This cream is so lovely, thick and luxurious!

Nail Polish 

When it comes to hand care – nail polish is not the enemy! Just look for words like colour care on your container. They will have ingredients in them that are not going to strip the nail or be really drying.

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