Everything You Need To Know For At-Home Hair Care

Maintain proper hair care at home with this ingredient guide from Bill Rowley

I love two things – hair and cooking – and here I am in my kitchen whipping up treatments for your dry ends, making teas to enhance your colour and salad dressing to calm your itchy scalp.


There are two kinds of hair treatments. One for dry hair that will moisturize and leave your hair feeling silky smooth. The second is for protein, this will help to strengthen your hair and not to feel so brittle anymore.

Moisturizing Masks

Firstly, starting with dry hair we want to use oils and fats. Finding these oils and fats in olive oil, avocados, avocado oil, and coconut oil. If you have a lighter hair texture, use lighter oils on your hair. Therefore, the more coarse  the hair texture the heavier the oil.

Protein Treatments

When looking what to put in weak hair that is losing its elasticity look for eggs, yogurt, and coconut milk. These products will help nourishes your hair with good proteins and leave it stronger than ever.

Hair Colour

Women all over the world but especially in south east Asia have been enhancing their hair with spices for ever. You can enhance your hair with teas and pates and spice route. Teas you can use on your hair very frequently while only use pastes once a week. Depending on your hair colour you should use different teas. If you are blonde use chamomile and turmeric and red heads should use rose hip and paprika. Are you a brunette? use coffee or cocoa for that hair enhancement you’ve been looking for. Finally, if you have the darkest brown hair use crushed black walnut shells.


When using tea to enhance your hair use warm water and a couple of tablespoons of spice. Let the tea steep until its cool and then use as a final rinse. Make a big batch and put it in a squirt bottle. After every shampoo use this treatment after every shampoo.


If you are making a paste for your hair, add just enough water to the spice in a bowl to make the pastes consistency. Apply the pates to freshly washed hair and then put on a shower cap and go read a book for half an hour or so. Rinse well with water and possibly apple cider vinegar doing this process once a week.

Pro Tip

You can use apple cider vinegar as a rinsing agent. It cleanses your scalp and is great for getting rid of dandruff. It also soothes your scalp from the worst itches like itchy menopause scalp!

Trimming Your Guys Hair 

When trimming his hair, trim the front at the hair line and trim his “bangs” a little and his neck. Remember it’s very important to trim his neck hair in the direction it grows. If it grows up cut up with the trimmers. Going in the opposite direction can lead to rashes and ingrown hairs. This is really important for men of colour because they are susceptible to those particular issues to start with.

Guys… Because you haven’t had a haircut in a while you may not know how to handle longer hair and you probably don’t have the right product. You may have to make a “cocktail”. Such as a dollop of leave in conditioner and a dab of gel mixed together make a great curl cream. Anyone can do this. If you’re running low on product – experiment.

Hair Washing Tips

It’s great that people are washing their hair less, it’s better for your hair, scalp, colour and everything!
Before you wash your hair, give it a good brushing with a bristle brush, this will pull any oil from your scalp to your ends. Your hairs natural oils is the best conditioner. Do this process the night before you shampoo but just make sure you’re cleansing it thoroughly when you do wash it. Remember that two shampoos with less product is better than one shampoo with half a bottle and to always wash the back of your head well.

Weaves And Extensions
Unless they’re clipped in or the tape in ones, it’s pretty much impossible to take out your own extension. Weaves are different. They can be removed pretty easily.

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