A Beauty Expert Shows You How To Groom Your Own Brows

Are your brows starting to look a bit unruly? Ours too! Read on for the dos and don'ts of at-home brow maintenance

While we’re all staying home and staying safe, many of us have found ourselves trying to learn how to D.I.Y. beauty tasks we normally leave to the pros, like removing our acrylic nails, doing our own nail art, trimming our own bangs, andperhaps most intimidating of allgrooming our own eyebrows.

We’ve all recovered from the pencil-thin tadpole brows of the ’90s and have worked hard for the full, face-defining arches we have now, so the goal is to preserve them, not perfect them. Below, we’ve put together a foolproof guide to take you through the process of plucking, shaping, and defining that will leave you with no brow regrets.

Ensure you have the right tools

-Use clean, slanted tweezers. These work with the contours of your face, are less likely to pinch, and provide more grip.

-Another great tool is a brow brush, a clean mascara spoolie or a brow spoolie to easily brush the brow hairs.

-Make sure to have some aloe vera, witch hazel, or ice on hand for sensitive skin.

-Also keep a brow pencil or shadow handy to fill the brow in.

Optional tools

-Brow Scissors

-Clear Brow Gel/ Clear Mascara

Work in the best light and conditions possible

-Work in good lighting, preferably natural light. Do not use magnifying mirrors! People tend to over pluck when using these. And, for balance, you want to see both brows!

-The best time to work on your brows is preferably after a warm shower when your pores are open.

-Ensure your face is clean. Exfoliation is a plus if you are prone to in-grown hairs.

Grooming Steps

  1. Use brow mapping to help navigate where you will and will not pluck and to achieve your perfect shape. To figure out where your brows start, grab your brow pencil, place it in the dimple of your nose, and line it upwards in front of your eyebrow. Next, you’ll need to determine your arch. Do this by taking your brow pencil and lining it up on the side of your nose, straight upwards to your eyebrow. To determine the proper length of your brows, line your brow pencil up from the side of your nose to the end of your eye. Connect the dots you’ve created with your brown pencil to guide you.
  2. Brush your hairs up
  3. If you have long, unruly hairs, trim just those sparingly
  4. Brush you hairs into place and apply gel or clear mascara to help keep them there
  5. Keep the skin taut
  6. Pluck the strays around your ideal shape, one hair at a time. Pluck each hair at the base, by pulling your skin tightly, in the direction that the hair is growing to avoid ingrown hair and fast regrowth
  7. Soothe the skin by applying aloe, witch hazel or ice if your skin is sensitive

Finally, fill in all of the space within the connected dots you’ve drawn with your brow pencil. Use short, feather-like strokes, especially if you have lots of gaps. If you’re comfortable, try using a facial razor for further refining by holding your skin tightly and moving the razor in the direction that your hair is growing.

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