4 At-Home Beauty Swaps To Try During Isolation

These swaps might just stick with you after isolation.

Spending more time at home, for many of us, means a switch up in our normal daily get-ready regimen. Check out Bahar’s list of best beauty swap practices to try during this time of social distancing. Your skin and hair will thank you.

1. Deodorant Instead Of Antiperspirant

Sitting at a desk all day at the office, or walking from one meeting room to the next in long pants and a blazer can definitely lead to excess sweating. However, with many of us spending most of our time at home now, we have fewer people to impress and we’re likely not sweating as much as most of us are leading a more sedentary lifestyle now. Translation: now is the best time to try out deodorant, which is a healthier and aluminum-free alternative. We’ve all heard that we need to ditch traditional antiperspirants because of its aluminum contents and now is the perfect time to figure out if deodorant is the right alternative for you. This Secret, aluminum-free deodorant is one of many low-cost deodorant options!

2. Dry Shampoo + Dry Conditioner Instead Of Daily Washing

This is a prime opportunity to finally give your hair a break from daily hair washes to using blowdryers, straighteners and curlers — all products infamous for damaging and drying out your hair. Letting your natural hair oils set and hydrate your hair is key when haircuts seem a long way away. Try Pantene’s Never Tell dry shampoo to mask oily hair for your online video calls and Pantene’s Mist Behaving Dry Conditioner to hydrate your dry ends daily!

3. Lip Masks Instead Of Lip Sticks

Wearing masks has become a new norm now during these trying times and lipstick may no longer be out #1 go-to cosmetic product. However, what few people know is that mask-wearing is causing humidity and heat to build up around your mouth which is drying to your lips and skin in the area. Opt-in for an overnight lip mask formula which will give you softer, smoother and hydrated results — perks that lipstick rarely offers. Bahar recommends using this  Tatcha – The Kissu Lip Mask ultra-hydrating lip mask or this Bite Agave+ Intensive Lip Mask.

4. Use This Time to get to Know Your Skin

This is now a perfect time to get to know your skin type instead of applying foundation and other makeup to your skin every day. Facial massages, skincare products and treatments that focus on hydration and exfoliation are all ideal at a time like this. The humidity that builds up on our skin while wearing a mask can be dehydrating. The easiest, most accessible and sometimes the most cost-efficient ways to remedy this dehydration would be to use skincare masks. This HydrExtreme charcoal sheet mask and this Charlotte Tilbury – Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask are the perfect examples that skin hydration and daily skincare don’t have to cost you a fortune!



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