How To DIY Designer Hand-Painted Sneakers At Home

Designer shoes, without the designer price tag. Recreate the trendy hand-painted shoe look at home.

We’ve all seen those fun, colourful hand-painted sneakers online. But, how can we get the look without paying the designer price? DIY Expert Monique Taylor Yee-Shui has your step-by-step guide.

Project 1: DIY Painted Cap Toe Shoes


Canvas shoes
Paint Brush
Painters Tape
Mod Podge Sealer


1. Use painters tape to protect the areas of the shoe not being painted and mark the cap area you’ll be painting.

2. Paint the Cap of the shoe and let it dry. After the area has dried, paint on a coat of sealer on the cap and let your shoes dry overnight.

3. Remove the tape.

Project 2: Glitter Jeweled Canvas shoes (kids)


Modge Podge
Gemstone embellishments
E-6000 multipurpose adhesive
Masking tape
Popsicle/craft stick


1. Use painters tape to protect the area you don’t want to paint
2. To create your glitter mixture, add one part glitter to two parts Modge Podge and mix thoroughly with a craft stick.
3. With a fine art brush, paint a layer of glitter mixture onto each shoe and let dry 10-15 minutes. Feel free to paint on additional coats of glitter mixture you are happy with the result. Let the shoes dry overnight.
4. Once dry, remove all tape
5. Use E-6000 adhesive to adhere gemstone embellishments to toe area. Let dry for 24 hours before wearing