5 Tips to Elevate Your Outdoor Lighting Space

Similar to interior lighting, there is a difference between choosing a light source purely for function vs creating a proper lighting story. It is the difference between a space falling flat vs a space with function, depth and design savvy. Consider these tips for illuminating your space and create your optimal aesthetic.

1. Create a lighting plan

  • Define layers: safety, function, ambiance
  • Draw it out on paper first
  • Mark light positions on ground

2. Pick Your Subject

  • What are you looking to feature?
  • Architecture vs landscape
  • Plan for future changes

3. Choices of Light

  • Flood vs spot vs. ambient, etc
  • Number of “lumens” (measure of light output)
  • LED vs halogen vs. incandescent

4. Look for “Kelvin” (symbol: K) unit on bulb packaging

  • Higher number = cooler light
  • Lower number = warmer light

5. Popular lighting trends for 2020

  • Colour change strip lights
  • Submersive lighting
  • Architectural vs soffit lighting

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