4 Ways To Safely Entertain While Physical Distancing

Guest expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault shows you how to safely entertain while physical distancing!

As the sun comes out and we welcome the warm weather, we’re all itching to see our family and friends – and many of us are ready to entertain. But, before you consider having others over, think about what your local health department is recommending regarding gatherings. From there, determine your comfort level as a host.

If you decide to have guests over, communication is so important to your guests. Let them know what to expect when they come over, and what they need to bring. Tell them to bring their own items such as sunscreen, cutlery, food and explain to them what your safety protocols are.

You shouldn’t plan a large or long get together for that matter. Keep it to only a few people who live close by, preferably from the same household, and limit the time of your get together to only a few hours. Prepare for one designated bathroom to be used. Here are tips to limit contact and create the safest space possible for you and your guests:

Tip #1 – Create a sanitation area

When guests arrive, it’s imperative that a sanitation station be ready to put everyone’s minds at ease.

Tip #2 – Boxed meals for each guest

When the guests arrive, they should each receive individual meal packages, as this will limit the amount of contact needed.

Tip #3 – Bring your own chair (BYOC)

An acronym you may not be as familiar with, but BYOC does mean bring your own chair (or cocktail).

Tip #4 – DIY social distance dining screen

Minimize the transmission of germs with your own, DIY dining screen.

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