A Stylist's Guide To Planning Your Sustainable Poolside Outfit

Keep on trend with the hottest pool-wear style with this guide from Julia Grieve.

There are a few things to keep in mind when dressing for a pool party – first and foremost, you have to assume you’re going to get wet. Also, dress in what you feel comfortable in. You have to realize some people are comfortable in bikinis, some people are comfortable in their one piece, and some don’t want to be in bathing suits at all. Don’t get caught up in that, you have to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident! Make a stylish impact and have fun. That is the key to having the best pool party.

My go-to tips:

  1. Pair patterns and textures together
    Mixed prints and mixed textures are a huge trend for this spring and summer. Ideas like stripes with cheetah print, chiffon and straw, makes an outfit more fun and comes together effortlessly. Animal prints have become one of fashion hottest trends.
  2. Tie dye is on trend
    The biggest trend this spring and summer, that we have seen everywhere is tie-dye. Consider pairing your tie-dye bikini with Preloved Izee shorts that are 100% cotton French terry which is perfect because again, you don’t have to worry about getting wet. It’s like having a towel on your bottom half. If you want an alternative to bikini tops and daisy dukes, this is a great outfit idea.
  3.  Add an oversized dress shirt over a bather as a cover up
    A key part to any pool party is wearing what makes you feel good. An article of clothing that is sometimes overlooked  for a pool party is the cover up. With a great deal to choose from, first decide if you want one that matches your swimsuit.  A classic look, perfect for any pool party is a white button down shirt. Super affordable, and undoubtedly available at most thrift stores. It’s easy, classic, elegant and comfortable. If you want more coverage, you can add in a cute towel. A chic and sexy look: simply wrap it around your waist and tie it like a sarong.
  4.  The more colour, the more fun!
    The go-to look for boys this season is the Hawaiian print; clearly the biggest trend this season as the kids are loving this fun look with a retro feel to it. The best tip I can offer is to commit to the fun. Wear fun colours, prints and pair as you like.
  5. Wear what you are comfortable in
    It’s important to wear what makes you comfortable. Look for breathable fabric perfect for warm weather. Consider the Preloved Freda jumpsuit which is 100% cotton and made out of pique, golf shirt material, and is both stylish and very comfortable. If you’re not comfortable in a loud outfit and want to wear a dark colour, or a jumpsuit, do that! Throw on a straw hat to complete the ensemble.