These 4 Trendy Outfits Use Pieces That Are Already In Your Closet

Shop your closet with these 4 trending outfit styles, using pieces you already own!

Transforming your fashion collection from last year into stunning statement pieces for this season is a  sustainable art thats currently trending. The benefits are vast as you’ll  save money and truly appreciate the wardrobe you’ve invested. Get creative as Janice Meredith explores the best tips for turning last years wardrobe into this years hottest trend!

  1. Give a classic white button up new life,  by wrapping and tucking it 
    Find a classic white button up shirt typically long in length. A great styling tip is to cross the front and almost wrap it around your torso and tuck in. You can do up one button to keep it closed but otherwise it’s wrapped and tucked into denim shorts. Denim shorts have stayed a solid consistent piece of our summer wardrobes for years.  This summer it’s a mid to longer short denim that is in trend. Pair this with simple black sandals, another closet staple and head scarf and you are super chic without using your credit card!
  2. Style a vintage robe 
    A tank dress is another classic dress that we may all have a version of – from the slip to the fitted knit. Pair that with an always chic robe – even from your lingerie drawer! Add a little heeled strappy sandal and a bold lip with a bun. Don’t stress about the lengths – the underlying dress could be short and the robe longer or the reverse. Playing the scale of flow is the fun part
  3. Textures and fabrics work well
    Monochromatic and suiting have been popular and this summer you don’t have the take the colour pairing so precisely. Just go with the tones. Ceate a neutral palette from pieces you already have and all together it looks elegant and effortless. The perfect paring to summer!
  4. Mix up the scale of the prints
    Power prints are huge this summer! Fun! Bold! Giant florals and clashing hues paired with over sized polka dots have taken over. It’s no longer runway only so interpret how you wish and confidently were your outfit. There is never too much.
    TIP – look in your (organized!) closet and pick one common colour. Pull out prints and stripes and such that have that one colour. Play with those!  Be brave!