How To Keep Your Favourite White Shoes Looking Brand New

Keep your white shoes sparkling clean with these expert tips.

White shoes have become a wardrobe staple for any classic outfit. After frequent use your white shoes are sure to deteriorate but reviving them to look clean as new can be simple. Janice Meredith has the ultimate guide to getting your white sneakers glowing bright!

  1. Soak in warm water with denture tabs
    Use denture tabs to soak shoes in warm water or make your own detoxifier. There is great success in making a paste of baking soda, water & hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit for 4 hours. Shake off once hardened and they are done. 
  2. Don’t use bleach on canvas
    Avoiding using harsh cleaners as they will turn the white yellow over time.  Definitely white leather sneakers should not be in the washer or dryer.  Simple maintenance can really help keep your shoes white. When your sneakers are past the point of being cleaned white, there are some specific products for colouring your white sneakers. Consider using Kiwi White Scuff treatment. 
  3. Use correct drying methods
    Never put the shoes in the dryer as the dryer can affect the structure of the shoe and could shrink the canvas. You do want to stuff shoes as they dry. Microfibre cloths inside can help speed up the drying process. Don’t stuff with newspaper to dry as dye can transfer onto the shoes. Always pull out the laces whenever your shoes get wet. The metal grommets of the sneakers can discolour or rust your white laces whenever wet. To brighten them back up, soak in a container with bleach. 
  4. Use shoe protector after every cleaning
    It’s always easier to clean new stains and dirt than older seeped in stains.  Protect your shoes right out of the box. You should use one that repeals liquids and matches your shoes’ material. If you clean frequently to ensure dirt and stains don’t build up.  To freshen up the shoes if the material is white leather – use white toothpaste with warm water. Using an old toothbrush brush away any dirt or stains. Same thing applies – don’t scrub it will push it in deeper. 
  5. A stain sponge also works
    If there is a stubborn stain,  Discolouring – spot treat with white vinegar and let dry in the sun. Consider using a medicine dropper. Scrubbing too hard actually pushes the dirt further into the canvas so brush not scrub. 
  6.  Keep the scent fresh
    One tip to clean the rubber sole of your shoe is to use nail polish remover. Use a steamer to help aerate away unpleasant smells on the inside of your shoe. Same tip with laces – Pull them out. Soak in mixture. Dried used tea bags also work effectively.