The Top 5 Beers You'll Want To Try This Canada Day

Sip on these scrumptious beers this Canada Day!

With people staying close to home for the long weekend, the local craft beer scene continues to explode…but do you know what you are really looking for when ordering small batch beers?  And, do you know what variety of beer you prefer? Although most people prefer wine or cocktails  to pair with meals, craft beers provide lots of choices and it’s a lot like picking the right wine to go with the meal.  Understanding beers’ complexity of flavour profiles can be simple. Carson Arthur shares his favourites from Gillingham Brewing Company to improve your drinking experience this Canada Day!

  1. Brut IPA
    Known as the champagne of beer, due to its dry and light make with lots of citrus and void of bitterness. Its in high alcohol content and best paired with strawberries and fruit.
  2. Davy IPA
    A blend of East and West Coast styles, this Double Dry hopped IPA is best paired with fatty foods during the summer like sausage and french fries.
  3. Hopped Wheat
    This unique blend of 3 varieties of hops, brings a tropical sensation that adds tropical fruit flavour with floral notes. Clean and refreshing taste and goes down smooth. Ideal for warm summer days and pairs perfect with Asian cooking like Kung Pao Chicken or spicy Pad Thai.
  4. 7 C’s Lager
    Generously hopped and then dry-hopped with a blend of 7 different varieties of hops to add more refined flavours. Crisp drink and gives a clean mouth feel and soft finish. Taste great with seafood and Mexican spices and perfect for fish tacos!
  5. ESB – Extra Special Bitters
    Medium bodied with caramel, malts and an engaging amber colour. Following a British beer, soft malt and stone fruit flavours – Bitter at the back end. This British Beer wants to be paired with Roasted Chicken or Fish and Chips!


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