5 Tips To Remove and Prevent Weeds from Growing In Your Yard

Keep your garden green and weed free all summer with these expert tips!

Every year we look forward to enjoying the radiant green grass that has grown through from spring into summer. A nuisance that cannot go overlooked are weeds. Knowing the life cycle and best method for removal of weeds can bring your lawn back to life and restore your yards health. Gardening expert Frank Ferragine has the most effective tips to remove and prevent weeds from growing on your yard.

  1. Know the Species
    It’s important to know the differences in the type of weed growing to determine if it is annual or perennial. An annual weed is one that is going to germinate by seed each and every year. A perennial is one that will come back each year (like a dandelion). When weeding a perennial it is important to get to root. Dandelions have a taproot: a big central root with smaller offshoots so it is necessary to completely sever.
  2. Know when to Garden
    The best time to weed a garden is in the morning or right after the rain when the garden is wet. The weeds will come up easy when the garden is moist, however when the garden is dry the roots will resist.
  3. Use Appropriate Tools
    A trowel is easy to use for weeding.  A stand-up weeder is simple to use to isolate the weed. Consider using a propane torch weed burner for interlocking stone. Be sure to take safety precautions to keep the flame away from the soil. 
  4. Be Observant
    Some plants can be hazardous in terms of weeding such as poison ivy. Stinging nettle can cause irradiation if you’re not using gloves.
  5. Apply Mulch
    Mulching can cut your weeding down by up to 90%. Mulching greatly benefits your lawn as it retains moisture and will add organic matter back to the soil. If you want a lower maintenance garden try using mulch.

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