4 Steps To Follow To Maintain A Clean Garage

Keep your garage organized with this expert guide!

There’s always a place at home that gets overlooked – and often it’s the garage. The key is to create a space for everything that you have, by creating different zones in a way where everyone knows where things belong. DIY Expert Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault has the ultimate guide to transform your garage and to help keep things organized.

  1. Work Zone/Tool Storage
    When things are in front of you, you know exactly what you have and you you’ll know what you need and how much of it. Instead of buying new tools because you might have considered them missing, you’ll be more certain of your tool inventory. Make the best use of space by keeping like items together.
  2. Garbage/Recycling Zone
    It’s important to have waste zone’s close to the house so it becomes nice and easy to put recycling and garbage out. Consider elevating your garbage bins to organize your vertical space and get items off the ground.
  3. Utilities and Gardening Zone
    Keep easy access to regularly used tools for gardening and make space for utilities. Use bins with clear labels so you’ll know where the items are placed. Hooks on the wall will make wrapping extension cords a breeze and avoid degradation from hanging on the floor.
  4. Sports Equipment And Toys
    Ensure sports equipment and toys that are frequently used are made available when desired. Utilizing open bins with easy access and knowing where each piece of equipment is located will create a habit for the kids to stay organized!