5 Ways To Create Hotel Vibes In Your Bedroom

You don't need to travel far to experience vacation! Create your own bedroom hotel suite with this guide.

Missing the feeling of travel? Karen Firsel is sharing her guide to pulling off the hotel vibe, at home!


Bedding is always crucial to getting a good night’s sleep which means finding the right sheets that are sure to keep you cool and comfortable! White Terry’s organic sheets are a category game-changer as they get softer and softer with each wash. Better than that, they’re made in Canada. If you’re looking for a classic hotel white sheet colour, look no further than the Snow colour shade!

Ooler Bed Cooling System

Hot or warm sleepers rejoice with this cooling system! Hotel rooms are often temperature regulated and we get a better sleep when our beds and bodies are cooler. Ooler is a customizable system for your bed that allows you to regulate the temperature of your entire bed which will help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Set it to a warmer temperature when you get into bed, and the water system will cool overnight which will allow you to get really strong REM sleep. Then when you re-wake on your own schedule your bed will be comfortably toasty.

Create a Spa-like Treatment

No Spa Visit? No Problem? An at-home hack is to use compression socks by Skineez. This is such a great hack at home for achy tired muscles—and a little secret for Moms after a long day: use a pair of compression socks—which increases blood flow, and circulation. Infuse them with Rose Hip Oil and Shea Butter which will soften your skin. Most athletes use compression socks and it’s a secret little nighttime hack to help relieve soreness at the end of a long day and mimics a spa treatment.

Take It To the Bath

Nothing soothes our soul like a hot bath at the end of the day. Hotels always provide their signature scents—but you can replicate by finding your favourites at the local drugstore. Karen’s favourites include a tropical mixture of coconut and ginger. Calgon makes the most amazing Hawaiian inspired bath line—with a classic ginger scent—and you can literally create a bubble bath and then finish with their rich body lotion. Dr. Teal’s just launched their Coconut Epsom Salts—which are amazing on their own but if you add Baking Soda to your bath— the combo will pull out toxins, help soothe aches and pains and will set you up for the best sleep. Add the baking soda… a lot of it… don’t be shy!

Langham Famous Turn Down Cookie Recipe

The Langham Hotel group is one of the finest in the world with properties all over and the highest standards. One of the best parts of their turndown service is their classic chocolate cookie recipe—and they were generous to share their secret recipe with us. It has the perfect ratio of butter to flour to sugar to create that warm gooey chocolate chip cookie. I say, put these on your side table..for a little sweet treat before bed!

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