DIY Faux Boxwood Privacy Screen

Create privacy in your backyard with this faux lush DIY.

Summertime means spending more and more time outdoors. In the backyard or on your balcony if you share a fence with your neighbour you may want to discover how to achieve a bit more privacy. Finding a solution that is both decorative and functional can be simple as DIY expert Christian Dare shows you how to create your own faux boxwood privacy walls that are low maintenance and serve as a year round greenery!

Item List
2×4 lumber
¼ thick plywood
Faux boxwood panels
Green outdoor paint
Staple gun and staples
Tape Measure 


  1. Measure the area you want to create a privacy wall…or it could be an existing wall you have that you want to add some greenery to
  2. Create a frame with 2×4 lumber. Now this can be any size and should simply be determined by the space you need to cover up. And if you are creating a large wall, you may need to opt for 4×4 posts to keep it upright and sturdy.
  3. Cut a sheet of plywood to fit your frame. Outdoor Plywood works best for this project. It will withstand the rain and the heat better and will add to the longevity of the project.
  4.  Paint it green with outdoor paint. This is one of the most important steps, it will help to preserve the wood from the elements. But it also helps to make your green wall look more realistic – it helps your faux shrubbery look thick and lush.
  5. Attach your painted plywood to your frame.
  6. Now when you source your faux greenery, you want to look for something that is meant for the outdoors and can stand up to the strong sunshine. You don’t want to have to replace your wall in a year when all the green plants get bleached out. If you need to adjust or trim any of the panels, simply trim these with sharp scissors.
  7. Attach your faux boxwood panels to each other using zip ties. This will keep them nice and tight and together. Not allowing for any little gaps as you attach it to your wall.
  8. Finally, attach your boxwood to your painted plywood with a staple gun. Make sure to use Stainless Steel staples for this project. They will not rust and are ideal for use outdoors.



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