3 Ways To Make Coffee At Home Without Machines

No coffee machine? No problem!

Whether you are an infrequent coffee drinker, only want to have some on hand for guests or a small space dweller having a coffee machine isn’t always the best choice.

No to worry, there are some amazing options for enjoying coffee without the machines! Here are my favourite 3 ways.

Instant coffee gets a bad rap. Yes, there are some out there that are definitely old school but there are some really amazing options. The Starbucks VIS Instant are really good and so easy to whip up! You can get the brew of your choice and they also do the seasonal favourites now too. Hello Pumpkin Spiced Latte! I have these on hand at home all of the time and they are amazing to take traveling – no more crappy airport coffee.

French Press
Many of you will recognize this coffee maker. It is a french press. It is very common and can whip up a fresh cup or 2 in no time.

What to look for in a french press:
• Style
• Budget
• Materials

What coffee to use:
– coarse ground (example Starbucks Verona)

Steps to making a good cup:
– add coffee grains
– pour just under boiling hot water
– place lid back on but leave the plunger up

Let it sit for about 3- 5 mins or as much as 7 mins
push plunger down to just above the grains

Pour Overs

Pour overs are super retro but are also super cool right now. Coffee culture is eating up the pour over method because you can bring some high level precision to your coffee making if you want to. But let start with the basics.

Pour over pots are pretty much always glass like this one.
However, you can get single cup ones that are really fantastic as well like this one.

What coffee to use:
– medium/medium fine ground (example Starbucks Siren)

The steps are simple:
– add the filter
– add the coffee
– pour over the just under boiling water – make sure that you don’t just pour in the center, get the sides too.
– let it steep through and enjoy

But the craft is in the details with pour over.
If you are a serious coffee person, you need tools and technique.

Coffee grinder to get the perfect size – burn grinders are the best
A scale – yes a scale. Serious coffee drinkers weigh their coffee and water ratios to ensure precise portions

A goose neck kettle with a thermometer – Why goose neck? It allows a slow steady controlled flow of water to ensure that you are getting all of the grains wet and, in turn, extract the full potential of flavour.

Scroll through the gallery below for images of the products:

Starbucks VIA Instant




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