6 Ways To Switch Up Your Dining Space For Fall

Give your dining space a seasonal upgrade with Colin & Justin's go-to guide.

For safe gatherings at home, the dining room has fast become everyone’s favourite restaurant.  This in mind, why not give your dining room a seasonal twist, and let fall wrap it up to embrace the new calendar…

  • Mix up a furniture recipe

Harvest some great ideas from farmhouse style with ebony painted ladder backed chairs scattered around a modern wood table for a look that’s certainly farm inspired… but would work just as well in the city.

  • Crate expectations

Artisan food stores do the ‘farm to table’ look so well.  Follow their lead and be inspired to create your own ultra simple dining storage system.  Using crates from Ikea, attached to the timber supports in our screened room, we’ve filled the entire scene with items that suggest casual dining.  Aye, the feel good factor is everywhere…

  • Feel it

Texture is the new colour when it comes to fall dining, so make your design a feast for the finger by having natural woven items such as wall hangings,  huge lampshades and placemats (DIY idea – half dipped in paint for a funky look) hung as wall decor.

  • Wrap it up

Just as your wardrobe adds layers to keep out the cold, so too should your dining room make you feel sublimely cosseted.  Go on: dress your table with banded fabrics for a French farmhouse look and add cushions and blankets to your dining room to add colour, texture and a valuable source of comfort.

  • Cart Blanche

If you’re worried about having enough space on the table for guests, then why not create handy overspill areas to hold drinks or serving dishes?  Simply add a handy cart or wheeled trolley to spread the love.

  • Fruits of the forest

Add accessories and table dressings – that suggest the great outdoors – to amplify your seasonal room recipe.

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