A Fall-Inspired Cushion DIY

Get cozy this fall with your own DIY cushion.


This project has comfy cozy and cushy written all over it.

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • 3 meters of stretchy velvet fabric
  • Needle
  • Quality Nylon thread
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Fiber fill
  • Button cover kit (optional)


1. For this cushion you’ll need a lot of fabric – for a cushion that’s a meter in diameter, you’ll need about 3 meters of fabric that is one meter wide. Super easy! So once you have your fabric cut to size, turn your fabric over on to the inside of the fabric and fold the fabric in half with the shorter ends on top of each other.


2. Next up is to start sewing! Using your needle with your nylon thread, sew the shorter ends together, making a tube. Use a high quality Nylon thread that’s strong because you’ll be sitting on this cushion and you don’t want it I break at the seams!


3. We start sewing the gathers. Gathers look complicated but they are actually simple. Taking one side of the tube and using double thread with a knot at the end. Start sewing the gathers running the stitch in an up and down motion about a quarter inch away from the edge of the fabric. You will see the gathers start to come together as you are moving along.

Once you have sewn the gathers don’t cut your thread just yet, pull the threads to pull up the gathers. Pull the knotted end of your thread from your first stitch and tie a few knots to tie off the gathers. Cut your thread. Yes this would probably be the most labour intensive part but I have news for you, we’ll have to do it again shortly.


4. Now we get a bit of a break from sewing and we move on to the fun part – stuffing the pillow with the filling. I call this the fun part because this is where you really start to see your pillow take shape.

Turn your sewn fabric back to the outside and fill it with fiber fill. Once you have your pillow filled repeat step three and sew the gathers to close the pillow using a running stitch.


5. Yes! The final step will be to add your buttons. Taking some scrap fabric you can use a button cover kit to make your buttons or you can stuff some fill into a square piece of fabric sew it to tie it off. I prefer to use the kit because it makes your pillow more polished.

You’ll need two covered buttons for each side of your pillow. Once you have your buttons ready, sew them together through the middle of your pillow to create that tufted look. tie a few knots to secure the button in and you’re done!