10 Touchless Household Items To Stop The Spread Of Viruses

With the world moving to touchless, here are the best hands-free products to buy for your home.

With the world shifting to a more touch-free society, Designer Shai DeLuca is rounding up the best touch-less home products to add to your space right now.

1 – Voice assistants (Google and Alexa)

  • Can be useful for so many things, including the thermostat
  • Control lights in your home which work with a lot of bulbs and fixtures that are available now


2 – Häfele Loox5 LED Lighting System

  1. The new Häfele Loox5 LED lighting system is a modular system.
  2. Lighting can be controlled in many ways including a traditional wall switch, touch-free with motion sensor, and wireless through an app on your phone.
  3. Loox5 voice activation via Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home will be launching early next year.


The display has 3 built in switches that control the lights in each room – easy on/off and dimming:

  • Putting your hand in front of a switch and removing after 1 second will turn a light on
  • Holding your hand in place will bring light to full intensity
  • To turn light off simply put your hand in front of a switch and remove after 1 second


3 – EShine LED lighting kit

  • Lighting for underneath your cabinets which you can wave at to dim/switch off


4 – Sensible Eko Living  Garbage can- Lowe’s

5 – iRobot Roomba Vacuum- Bed, Bath and Beyond

6 -Better Living Touch-less Soap Dispenser- Bed Bath & Beyond

7 – Kitchen faucet

American Standard

  • The Avery Touch-less Kitchen Faucet has exclusive electronic hands-free technology that lets you operate the faucet with an easy wave of the hand


Grohe Ladylux L2 Touch Kitchen Faucet

  • The Grohe LadyLux L2 Touch Kitchen Faucet includes technology that turns water on and off with just a touch of the hand, wrist, or arm.


8 – American Standard SpaLet Bidet Seats

  • The SpaLet Bidet Toilet Seat has many automatic features for touch-less personal hygiene
  • The full toilet is a bit of an investment and has lots of automatic features including open and close seat and a hands-free flush


9 – Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt

  • You can minimize the number of people touching the keypad
  • Lock/unlock your door using voice activation: Google Assistant/Amazon’s Alexa on your phone
  • Programme up to 100 unique codes, including codes for recurring, temporary or permanent access.
  • Features built-in WiFi connectivity, eliminating the need for an additional WiFi hub and works with popular smart home ecosystems, integrating seamlessly with smart home technology.
  • Schlage Encode allows property owners to monitor access via customizable notifications or via the Schlage Home App activity log.


Scroll through the gallery below for a closer look at the products:

Amazon Alexa

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