5 Tips For Creating A Second-Hand September

Give yourself a September reality check with these useful tips.

Rethink and repurpose your fashion choices for September. Celebrate the second-hand September movement and make it work for you beyond just the 30 days with some fun tips and tricks.

If you are unfamiliar with second-hand September, this is a movement that started over in the UK, to encourage fashion lovers to re-think the fashion month of the year. September is like New Years in the fashion industry as fashion weeks around the world traditionally take place in September and of course, there is the September issue of Vouge, the largest and most important magazine of the year, topping close to 900 pages.

This is what has gotten the industry going crazy over the past couple of years and this movement of second-hand September as a way of stepping back and really look at what is going on….

  • The fashion industry accounts for a  8-10% of global carbon emissions
  • Responsible for 24 percent of insecticides and 11 percent of pesticides
  • Second-biggest consumer of water, generating around 20 percent of the world’s wastewater and releasing half a million tons of synthetic microfibers into the ocean annually


Tip #1: Donate

A simple way of getting into second-hand September is to donate.  Start by cleaning out your closet and taking what you don’t want to a donation center or thrift shop, and when you’re there…open your eyes, maybe something will jump out at ya!

September is the month we switch over our closets from Summer to Fall clothes (well some us do). Now once you have figured out what you no longer wear, you can donate it…. or tip #2


Tip #2: Clothing Swap

This is such an awesome way to celebrate second hand September – have a party (socially spaced of course)!  September is a great month since you can host it outside!  Invite 6-8 of your friends, (from your bubble) tell them the entry is a bag of clothes, open the bottle of wine and start swapping. Just make sure that all clothing is clean and in good condition!

One woman’s trash is another’s treasure!


Tip #3: Know What You Like 

This sounds a little obvious but really, it’s not. What are staples in your closet? No matter what store you go into, there are certain things you’ll always gravitate towards. Look at your existing wardrobe, what do you have way too many of. Is it a rocker tee? Is it black t-shirts? Turtlenecks? Pleated skirts?

All the things you like and constantly purchase, let’s switch to second hand. So, if it’s rocker tees, let’s start buying them second hand. Second hand shopping is not dressing as costuming or buying things that are out of date. You can buy your everyday basics and your favourite pieces second hand! It will save your money and lower your carbon footprint.


Tip #4: Make It Easy 

I think what stops people from shopping second hand, is that it can feel super overwhelming….big huge thrift stores, endless racks of clothing, not knowing where to start. Well here is a great tip, shop second hand for things that are easy to find. Accessories like purses, shoes, jewelry, belts, hand bags are so easy to find second hand! Denim jackets and jeans are another second hand staple!

So, when you think to yourself, I need a new pair of earrings, or an oversized jacket, don’t go out and buy it new, go and get it second-hand!


Tip #5: Think Beyond the Closet

Add second hand pieces to brighten up your space! Honestly you would be shocked at what home décor items you can find.  And no, it’s not just little old lady furniture and it doesn’t have to be antiques!  You can find quite modern pieces and if not, you can always update them to give it a modern feel! Always keep an open mind when you are thinking of buying something new for your home. If you need new pots, new cutlery, new glasses, new lamps, new baskets, challenge yourself and buy it second hand!

Bonus tip…. HAVE FUN!  It’s not just the about the money you saved, or the impact it has on the planet, but an adventure! Never get tired of the “thrill of the find”. Nothing compares to the rush you get when you hit a thrift score!  So awesome!


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