8 Ways To Prep Your Home For The Winter Season

Get ahead of winter with these simple ways to prep long before the season starts.

Fall doesn’t just mean comfort food and fashion – if you own a home, there’s a whole list of things you should attend to before the snow falls. 

Some of these things you can do yourself and others you need to hire someone – these are just a few of the things you should do to get ready for fall and winter. Lee Valley Tools has many options for rain water management:


Adjustable Downspout: an attachment you add to the bottom of the downpipe. This extender attaches to the end of your downspout to divert the water flow away from your house. Unlike regular extensions this one can be directed anywhere in an arc of 180° as well as flipping up out of the way when you need to mow the grass underneath. It telescopes from 38″ to 69″. Made from PVC.

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Recoil Downspout Sprinkler: another downpipe attachment. The water pressure in the downspout slowly unrolls the sprinkler and water sprinkles out from holes all along its 45″ length.  Then, when it stops raining, it automatically rolls up into a coil again, out of the way of lawnmowers and trimmers.

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Copper Rain Chains: Decorative attachment for your eaves, also has a function as an alternative to a downspout and can be positioned over a splash plate or a rain barrel.

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Gutter Siphon: a new design on a common product that keep leaves from clogging your downpipe.

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Kindling Splitter: Made in Sweden, genius design, creates softwood kindling. Raise the arm and register stock up to about 14″ in length against one of the notches in the stepped cast-iron mounting bracket. Press the steel blade into the end of the wood, taking advantage of the leverage.

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Slab Setters: tools for moving patio stones. Hook under the edges of the slab, lift from a comfortable height without stooping, and keep your fingers well out of harm’s way when setting it in position.

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Side Winder Pliers: A reproduction of an old tool. Great design and could see it being handy in tight spots. The tip can be used for pulling brads, small nails, upholstery tacks, etc., because you have fine control of the gripping pressure on the jaws. The internal jaw notches can be used for holding, tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.

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