3 Tips To Keep Your Makeup Mask Proof

Getting too much makeup on your mask? Here's how to avoid it!

With masks, you must be strategic with what you are working with. Nothing is going to be 100% smear proof, but there are steps to help for sure.

1. Pick long wear products

These products have been tried and tested to have long wear claims and be transfer proof. You can add some extra powder when setting around the areas where the mask is going to sit like your nose, chin and sides of face – it’s like a powder guard.

Also consider powder foundations as they also transfer a little less than liquid foundations. Then spray and set your foundation with setting spray. It helps with humidity and longevity. You can spray your face as well as inside the mask.

2. Choosing the right lipstick

Lipstick…obviously gloss will not be something you will pick. But long wear lipsticks like Superstay Matte Ink is a no brainer. It does not transfer, and I’ve worn it on long 10-hour days on set.

3. Picking the right mask is also key

Find ones that sit on your face comfortably but make sure they don’t’ squish your whole face which will help protect your makeup from smudging.

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