2 Unique Strategies For Landing Your Dream Job

Stand out when searching for a job during the pandemic with these tips.

Job hunting at the best of times can be a challenge but throw a pandemic into the mix and you have to get creative! 

Some industries have been hard hit by the pandemic. That means layoffs. And some companies are tightening their belts with less hiring. As a result, some people are finding it tougher to find work these days and finding that their usual methods aren’t working. I have clients who are frustrated because they’re getting fewer bites than they usually would — even people who’ve been snapped up by recruiters in the past and had NO trouble with job mobility. (So if that’s happening to you too, you’re not alone!)

If you’re looking for work, I have these two unconventional job search strategies to give you an edge:

Strategy 1: Friends and family social post (use this if you’re out of work)

  • Post about your job search on non-work social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. (E.g., “Hey guys, you might not know but I’m looking for work. I’m looking for (say what kind of work). In my last job (describe your work). My colleagues would describe me as _____. If there’s someone you’d like to tag or introduce me to, or if you’d like to share my post, I’d love that.”
  • This is like a friends and family approach, and that’s why it works! Those people care about you and are willing to share and help spread the word!
  • How to ace it: Tone warm and not super formal, make privacy setting public, include a professional-ish photo of you.
  • A client of mine told me she had 8 new connections and nearly 20 reposts in less than 24 hours!


Strategy 2: Fan letter approach

Frustrated that none of the companies you want to work for are hiring? Don’t wait for a job posting. Introduce yourself!

  • Write an email to the person you think you’d be reporting to in your ideal job (research required!). Simply introduce yourself and express your interest.
  • E.g. “Hello _____, I understand you’re not currently hiring, but I’d like to quickly introduce myself. I currently work at (company name) as a (job title), but Id’ love to be a member of the (name department) at (company name.)  I’d like to forward my resume to you and your HR team in case something opens up in the future.
  • Forward your email exchange to HR with your resume and CC the person you emailed. (Kinda sneaky because it makes it seem like you already have a relationship with them!)


Tips for both strategies: 

  • Your messages should sound like you. (E.g. – mine would sound friendly and casual and kind of perky because that’s my personality.) Use a friendly tone. Not overly formal because this is informal networking.
  • Keep it short. People are busy. The shorter a post or email, the more likely that people will actually read it.

Here’s an IGTV video I made about this!