4 Cardigan Styles To Get Cozy In This Season

Cardigans are making a comeback - here's how to style them.

Whether styled over your favourite fancy dress, or worn extra-long and solo, the cardigan is a sweater that’s going interesting places, but also works well for that WFH life. With so many different types, here is how versatile they can be.

For many it is a new season and that means new clothes! Everyone loves a sweater, especially chunky ones, but sometimes, it can be nice to have something a bit more open. And that’s where a great cardigan comes into play.


1.Cable Knit Cardigan

The Cable Knit Sweater always gives me a nostalgic felling. Historically, cable knit sweaters are worn by fisherman and have always been embraced for their warmth and iconic style. Today, the cable knit is a staple for fall and works with any outfit. I personally like mine oversized.

Speaking of oversized, the oversized cardigan is a trend for fall 2020. Now I know what your thinking, you don’t want to look frumpy. Well you won’t and it all depends on how you wear it. Pair a slouchy grandpa-style cardigan over a cozy dress or with slim fitted jeans or joggers for a more relaxed style.


2. Fitted Cardigan

So maybe oversized cardigans aren’t your thing and you prefer something more fitted. This Fall, make the fitted cardigan your best friend and experiment with different colours and patterns. Here I have this cropped fitted Zara cardigan with pearl detail, and I’ve paired it this a fitted pastel green turtle neck. By the way, these two colours paired together are my absolute fav.


3. Graphic Cardigan

I’m obsessed with cool graphics and prints on my sweaters. So I’m thrilled to know that graphic cardigans are huge this season. Say goodbye to that regular plain black or grey cardigan and say hello to bold prints and illustrative patterns that make your cardigan the star of the show. I got this leopard print cardigan from Old Navy and paired it with a graphic tea and printed leopard print pants.


4. Argyle Sweater

Every now and then, I love a preppy look. And an argyle sweater is just the right prep in your step. This argyle sweater is from Zara and I’ve paired it with the infamous Canadian tuxedo.


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