8 Socially Conscious Winter Fashion Pieces To Invest In

Look and feel good all Winter long.

Being sustainable or socially conscious doesn’t mean giving up style! Advancements in technology have made it easier to find more animal and Earth friendly fashion. With the cooler weather coming in, Stylist Janice Meredith has sourced winter wear to keep you warm, socially conscious and trendy.

There are so many various ways a company or product can be socially conscious. From the way they run their business with ethical factories to their shipping practices but truly what matters to many is the product itself. Is it animal friendly, biodegradable, vegan or recycled materials?  Ethics really come into play. I’ve rounded up the two main winter coats styles you need – a parka and your dressier coat – but they are incredibly WARM and made humanely!


Look #1:

Wuxly Doe Parka

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Wuxly is really at the forefront of innovation for materials. Their coats are all to keep you warm without the bulk. You may have heard of Primaloft which is a new alternative to goose down. It’s made with 35% recycled content, it’s water resistant, it’s breathable but doesn’t absorb water so really protects you from the elements. This coat is a great length for every day. It’s a classic fit – trim in the torso but long enough to cover your bottom for our kids’ spectator sports – when those happen again!

Things to look for – a hood that has structure to keep its shape in even crazy winds. I always love the knitted wrist so you can pull your sleeves down and keep the inside of your wrist covered.

Kamik Sienna Boot

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This boot is a waterproof boot with mad plaid style! These boots are made with a synthetic Rubber shell and have great tread so you will have confidence walking over the chunky frozen snow. The boot is warm because of the Thinsulate but it also is flexible so walking the dog or hiking is doable in these. Kamik has sustainable technologies that make them a great choice.


Look #2:

Hilary MacMillan Reversible Faux Fur Trench

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Now a dressy coat to have proudly in your closet is this trench. Its faux fur, and faux leather. Hilary MacMillan is a vegan clothing company. They do only small production which means there isn’t an excess of product that could potentially go to waste. An added bonus that this piece is a two in one coat! It’s reversible!

Cougar Gusto Tall Boot

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I’ve paired this coat with a sleek tall winter boot from Cougar. This is made of recycled nylon and lined with Primaloft so again, a very warm winter boot that is also stylish! This nylon ensures it is always waterproof making it perfect for our slushy winters.


Look #3:

Wuxly Queen Parka

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Now this Parka is all good things. It’s longer but again using Primaloft it isn’t bulky. A great feature is the reflective markings so when it’s dark at 5pm in the dead of winter, reflective tape on our outerwear is key. Surprisingly this is not common! And this fabric has a subtle herringbone design which really elevates the look.


Kamik Snowpearl Boot

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Another Kamik boot with some great design and it’s vegan.  Another great option for being active outside! And Kamik is very committed to reducing their carbon footprint so we all can feel good about what we are wearing.


Look #4:

Reformation Hank Faux Fur Coat

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2/3 of the sustainability of clothing comes from fabric selection – how the raw materials are harvested all the way through to how the piece can be washed and at the end of its’ life. All this has an environmental impact. Reformation is a great company that is bridging fast fashion and sustainability. They are a 100% carbon, water and waste neutral company.

This faux fur coat is so soft and luxurious yet being from Reformation means you can confidently know it’s a great socially conscious item. It’s made of deadstock fur. One other great piece of info about Reformation is they are also focused on fitting many different body shapes so they have petite sizes and other collections that range up to a 24.


Cougar Vanity Suede Winter Boot

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Its faux! Now check out this cutie! It’s made of a high- quality faux fur on the collar and tongue of the boot, which makes it incredibly soft and warm to wear. Finally, a cute and dressy boot to wear with dresses!