3 Products To Achieve Salon Hair At Home

Pulling off salon hair at home is easier than you think!

You may be finding it hard to re-create salon hair styles at home – but with any of these 3 products, this feat may be easier than you think.

It’s pretty simple to achieve a salon finish hair style at home. The key is using the right hair tools and getting comfortable with doing it yourself.


I want to start off with a diffuser. A diffuser is a fabulous option to style curly textured hair especially in the winter months when its to cold to go outside with wet hair. Sometimes they can come as an attachment with your blow dryer.

For people who have curly textured hair, here’s what you need to know to make it work best. Start off with making sure to put product on wet hair then start to diffuse by placing the diffuser in and away from the head and making sure that you don’t stay in the same spot for too long. The trick to diffusing is by not touching the hair very much and let the diffuser do its job with those tiny little fingers they usually have on the ends.


The size does matter, the bigger round diffusers cater more to longer hair because it allows you to get more hair into the mouth of the diffuser, the smaller ones are for shorter hairstyles which allows to get in closer and detail with the smaller tool.

Another tip is at about the 50 percent drying mark, you need to add a bit more product, usually gel, to give the hair a little control before finishing it off. After the gel, start diffusing again until its about 90 percent dry, at that point leave it alone and let the natural texture settle into its own shape.

2. Hair Dryer

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This next tool is the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer &Volumizer Hot Air Brush. Your going to grab a section of hair and then simply start blow drying the section from roots to ends, you don’t need to force it or over spin the brush/tool…you just want to guide is through and allow it to do it’s job. So basically the brush and blow dryer are built into one.

The other thing I want to mention is if you want to wear your hair flipped out, you put the brush on top of your hair and blow dry it down. I think it’s a great little tool and does double duty but not double the time. Its not that expensive as you can find it in some retailers for about $55-60.

3. Steampod

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This next tool came to me through an industry friend. It’s a very new product just coming out on the market that is taking flat ironing to a new level. It’s called the Steampod. What’s cool about is it’s a professional use product, which means it’s the exact same tool we would use in salon, that you can also purchase to use at home.

The same way you flat iron normally, this item adds steam in the hair which acts as an extra level of hydration resulting in shiny, healthy looking hair. It has a small container attached to the side of the tool that you fill with water and it’s the water that allows the tool to create that steam that is infused to the hair fibres.

Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve and the texture of your hair. If it’s curly and you’re aiming for a straighter look, you’ll need to run it through a few times and one of the advantages of this is it has a built in comb that helps detangle the hair while you’re straightening.