How COVID-19 Has Changed Beauty Routines

What you need to know about how the beauty industry has evolved this year.

COVID has changed how many of us shop for beauty products and also how much we are using these products. Here is how the beauty industry has changed and adapted.

The industry has changed, for many reasons: our lives have changed and therefore our routines have changed and the way we shop has shifted dramatically as we now shop heavily online. Our changed routines have two new forms of reality:

  • New reality #1: we’re wearing masks constantly
  • New reality #2: a portion of us are working from home

In a survey out of San Francisco based firm Premise Data discovered that: 55% of people said they will not or are not sure they will return to their “normal” makeup routine so this suggests a fundamental change in the use of beauty products.

The use of make-up is down by roughly 10% from before the pandemic hit, down to less than 45% daily users. The top spot on the makeup front is now held by lip balm, which 48% use daily. As of September, almost 40% say they now use between 0-2 personal care products per day, which is down from pre-pandemic use of 3-5.


Lip Balms

These are three of my favourites at each type of price point:

1. Nivea, $2.49

To purchase this product, click here.

Nivea’s Shea butter rich formula that is incredibly budget friendly and you can even find duo packs!

2. Bite Beauty Agave+ Lip Tint Tin, $14

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This is a great tinted option with agave nectar and cocoa butter. They are vegan and Canadian, for anyone who has a check-list list for their beauty buys and are at a mid-point price.

3. La Neige Lip Sleeping Mask, $24 for the 20g container

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This lip sleeping mask is hyaluronic acid and antioxidant packed and meant to be worn overnight, but I use this daily because of its softening effects.


2 Makeup Must-Haves

My picks include something versatile for the eyes and a low-maintenance glow option for all skin types and shades, and both under $20 bucks!

L’Oreal Paris Air Volume Mega Mascara

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This mascara gives you the volume boost with a super light whipped formula and the brush is double bristled i.e. no need to do 2-3 coats to get the effect! Makes this a super quick easy boost to your beauty

Revlon Photoready Rose Glow Primer

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This primer contains hydrating watermelon fruit extract and hydrating oil beads. It also has a sheer illuminating formula that I have seen across multiple skin tones and it’s perfect for a dewy boost without any maintenance like a foundation!