5 Of The Most Avoidable Makeup Mistakes

Time for a makeup 101 refresher!

At this point in your life, you’ve pretty much nailed your makeup routine. But – there might be a few areas that could use a tweak.  

Mistake #1: Not exfoliating properly before applying foundations or BB Creams

Your makeup will really only look as good as your skin does. Instead of using scrubs that can be messy and hard to remove, opt for exfoliating pads! A few swipes each day will reveal a fresh and youthful glow, perfectly prepped for makeup!


Mistake #2: Opting out of blush or placing it in the wrong area

Liquid, cream and powdered blushes are incredible at waking up the face and making you look fresh, well-rested and frankly, healthy! I love using liquid & cream blushes this time of year that can dual as a lip product too.

Always apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and then work upwards on an angle. A little on the temple & tip of the nose looks great too! They keep the skin looking luminous and dewy! When it comes to blush tones to use, I love pinks on fair skin, peach tones on medium to olive skin, and rich berry tones on deep skin. If you follow that, it’ll be a great gage!


Mistake #3: Using dark eyeliners and cool tone eyeshadows

I always recommend opting for warm shades on the eyes. They are much more flattering and brings focus to your eye colour instead of the eyeshadow colours on the eyes stealing the show. I love using brown liners as well to give a softer look to the eyes. For deeper skin tones, I recommend trying deep plum shades to get a softer look!


Mistake #4: Not lining the lips & wearing lip colours that wash you out

Most women short change their pout by skipping lipliner all together or lining slightly inside their natural lip line. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and fear a full pout no more! Trace slightly outside your natural lip line with a nude pencil (2 shades darker than your natural skin tone) and apply a lip colour that instantly wakes up your face! You’ll know it when you find the right shade.

Stay away from anything too close to your skin colour. Opt for warm pinks, rich berry tones, blue-based reds, moody merlot tones instead (especially this time of year)! A good rule of thumb when picking your lipliner shade is to choose a warm brown tone that is 2-3 shades deeper than your natural lip line.


Mistake #5: Drawn on, overdone brows

Embrace the au natural brow! There is no better time than now to grow out those brows and see how full you can get them. Instead of penciling, powdering or pomade-ing on your brows, there are now amazing pigmented fiber brow gels that are really a one-step brow product. Whether your have bushy brows, sparse brows or are somewhere in-between, these products take the guesswork out of doing your brows with a water-resistant formula that lasts the test of time! A few strokes through you’re brows and you’re done!

Click through the gallery below for products that can help with these common mistakes.

Peter Thomas Roth Peptide 21 Amino Acid Exfoliating Peel Pads

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