Keep Your Loved Ones Warm With This Cozy Gift Guide

Spread some warmth and happiness this holiday season.

This may be a challenging year – but the holidays will still arrive, and we can make it a joyous time. Stylist Janice Meredith shares gift ideas that can help you and your loved ones find that connection that we’re craving this holiday season. 

This is the perfect gift guide for wrapping up in warmth and coziness! Give a gift that is thought to who the receiver is. Get things people wouldn’t necessarily pick up for themselves. Not the basic version but the more luxe and uniquely specific items. It’s not about more gifts or more money, we just want to be close with our loved ones.

Hats, Gloves and Scarves

These are way more than basic! They all make me smile! These Skoki hats for kids are just the best. They have a deep collar for the back of their neck for coverage AND it’s a balaclava – or superhero mask as some kids think! We have seen the tie-dye trend flourish this year and now we can get it in our hats! Colour combos or straight colours, these are cashmere beauties with faux fur pompoms. Both local brands which we love to support.

Kombi is also a Canadian brand whose most recent drop is these cool retro gloves. Awesome colour combinations! Details that are meant for cold winters like the wrist that extends deep under your coat. No snow is getting in there! And after going outside, everyone wants to be wrapped up in an actual blanket. Hopson Grace has some stunning options that can be an intimate hug.

Swipe through the gallery below to check out these warming products and where to purchase them.

Boucle Alpaca Ivory Throw


Family Memories

Matching PJs create such a nostalgic moment!  These matching PJs are a perfect reminder of great family memories. Also – big tip – its something that can be shipped but worn together even when apart!

Check out Old Navy to find the perfect matching pyjama set.

Creating some more family memories with some fun games. They don’t have to be challenging or intense. But they bring everyone to the table. And again another idea to play while in different locations these games are so well priced, you can buy two to mail one off to play together.



Now to actually add a warm glow! I’ve discovered all the styles that aren’t simply white waxy sticks. There are so many beautiful shapes and colours that are almost an art piece not their own. Again, something I would not have purchased so happy to now be gifting an indulgence.

And lighting them has never been done with such dramatic flair! There are even some longer matches for lighting a fire. Pieces of art you are happy to have to leave out. And art is these hand-carved walnut bowls. Completely functional but also just beautiful. Locally made.  It’s pretty impressive what simple items can do for your mood whether it’s the feel of it or how it makes you feel. That’s the gift we are giving this year.

Swipe through the gallery below to check out these warming products and where to purchase them.

Kandl Artisique Candles


Bar, Wine & Eat

My last few gifts are still indulgent but with a smile.  Bar accessories are always welcome. We will always make space at the counter, on the shelf, in the cabinet for bar accoutrements.

To purchase this product, click here.

To purchase this product, click here.

Best for last, the very cool locally sourced wine advent calendar! Every day for 12 days counting down to Christmas, you pop open a treat! Tasty wines that warm you from the inside!

To purchase this product, click here.

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